My name is
Hayden Grooms
I am a creative freelancer offering production services in editing, videography and graphic design. My client relationships have resulted in years of continued collaboration and development. They rely on me to bring a creative approach to their ideas and execute with speed and efficiency. I help my clients tell memorable stories with cinematic craft.
Over the past eight years, Hayden has been my main storytelling partner in the production of (literally) hundreds of videos. He brings skill, artistry, wit and technical excellence to everything he does: shooting, editing, motion graphics, audio, everything. - Bill Anderson Producer Hayden really brings a fresh perspective to each project that I've worked on with him. I appreciate his experience editing and designing image driven branding projects and documentary style storytelling skills. Whatever material I bring to him I know will come out better than I could have imagined on my own. - Drew Dahms Producer
Hayden is one of the best editors I have worked with to date; not only does he bring the technical knowhow to every session but also possesses a keen sense of storytelling and pace, of creativity and problem solving... I've enjoyed our many collaborations. - Dave Coleman Director I've cut many long form projects with Hayden as editor. He's lightning quick at cutting through countless hours of footage to get to the essence of a story. He elevates the shot product in the end, and weaves it into a compelling, original storyline. - Peter Mullen Director


Gallery To see more work samples please visit my Vimeo channel.